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Pia Marne 15-3644-2790 – If you ask yourself “who am I”? I can describe who I am in two words: “eccentric artist”
I’ve studied in the best art colleges and universities in Argentina and Latin America.
I’ve a magistracy and a degree in dance-theater, I’m a bandoneon student and I’m full of love for art, especially “Tango”.
I’ve traveled the Buenos Aires night and its stages closely, appropriating the pecuilar mixture between the underground and the most luxurious and elegant spaces of Buenos Aires, such as the Colón theater, among others.
I’m a stylish and elegance exotic ebony woman with a great sense of humor and mischief.
I like the depth of my dark eyes and my huge smile made of tempting lips, I have short and curly hair, a beautiful and long neck like my legs that complement my body in a harmonious and sensual way.
Like every great artist, I enjoy the pleasures of culinary art, I can show you my world full of artistic, walking through different cultural spaces, tango shows, ballet, opera, theatre, poetry, whatever you like, I have the best recommendations.
We can also go out to dinner at typical high-class Buenos Aires bars and restaurants or to provide a more intimate and private place by candlelight.
I carry the passion for art in my body, I kiss passionately, I like to caress and share my body completely from a deep erotic connection.
Always maintaining discretion and respect.
You can contact me at my personal phone and schedule a meeting to meet us.

Pía Marne.

Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790Pia Marne 15-3644-2790

Pia Marne 15-3644-2790

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